All paint companies have products ranging from best to okey quality so when it comes down to buy a good quality paint there is a few questions to consider.

-is it commercial, residential or industrial paint that you need ?

-If exterior, how much exposure to weather elements would the paint be ?

-What type of material are you painting ? Wood, metal, stucco or some other material ?

-If interior, Is it a bathroom, kitchen or some other area in the house ?

-What type of objects are you painting ? Walls, ceilings, doors or baseboards ?

Base on your answers it would be easier to determent paint sheens, quhalirty and paint brand.

there’s a good number of company’s that can offer you a good quality paint however when it comes down to determent what’s the bests paint companies out there, you have to take under consideration the line of residential, commercial and industrial paint quality, prices and customer service support.

A few of these paint company brands can be found in home improvement stores, some others have their own retrial stores so with that said here are the top five paint brand companies in my list base on prices, quality and experience.

1- PPG.

2-Sherwin Williams.

3-Dunn Edwards.


5-The Valspar.

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