When buying paint is always important to consider location, exposure to natural elements & traffic, Knowing this factors would help you to determent where to put your money as far as good quality paint in your project.

1-Paint finishes or sheen.

In many cases what you pictured in mind and what you get don’t match due to the paint finish-sheen so When it comes down to buying the right paint sheen you might have to rely on a sheen examples that you can find in any paint store, it's easy to get confuse with so many finishes and sheens therefo is important to know what we want in order to make the right choice.

2-Type of project.

When buying paint is important to know what kind of project you have in hands, it could be residential or commercial, it could also be interior or exterior project, determining your type of project would get you in the right direction as of what king of paint you should be using.


Knowing the extent of your project would help you buying the right number of gallons, a litter bit of left over paint is not bad at all in fact you need left over paint for future touch up’s however having to much paint left over is probably not good therefore is important to know your project and square footage so you can minimize any waste.

4- Budget

Having determent your type of project and the extent of it, would give you a really good idea of how much money you need to invest in your project and that’s when budget comes into place, knowing your options as far as paint brand and prices is crucial in turns of getting the best quality and quantity for your money.


when it comes down to buy a good quality paint there is a few things to consider depending on what kind of paint you planing to work with , it could ether be water base or oil base however it’s worth motioning that water base paint accounts for approximately 80% of paint sold in the paint industry so with that said the quality key as far as water base is the concentration of Acrylic binder, the higher the acrylic binder is present In paint the more resistant and durable your paint color would be.

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