How to calculate paint for your project.

Having an idea on how to calculate paint is a key factor to save you money time and trips to the store specially when time is limited. It’s difficult to calculate the exact amount of paint due to a few factors such us:

-new vs old

-surface texture

-paint sheen

-paint color

-rolling vs spraying

When calculating paint is always a good practice to add extra square footsie or extra coating to your calculations, Having an extra paint left over will always take you a long way when it comes dow to do final touch ups in your project.

Here is a mathematic equation for ceilings and walls.

-Wall. Room perimeter ft X room high ft = sq ft

-Ceiling. Ceiling width X Ceiling length = sq ft

Keep in mind that windows & doors (typically doors are 20 sq ft and windows 15 sq ft) would have to subtracted:

Window or Door sq ft - Room wall sq ft = wall free of window or door sq ft

Knowing how much sq-ft a gallon coverage (Typically a gallon covers 250 to 400 sq ft.) would simplified your calculation to determent the amount of gallons you’d need for your project so here is my gallon rule, base on a typical house rooms

-Beth rooms

Master Beth-room 3 gallons

Average Beth-room 2 gallons


Master or large Bathrooms 2 gallons

Small Bathrooms 1 gallon


Master or large closet 2 gallons

Small Closet 1 gallon


Average kitchen 1 gallon

Large Kitchen 2 gallons

-Living Rooms

Large living room 3 gallons

Average living room 2 gallons


Large garage 6 gallons

Small garage 4 gallons

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