It’s incredible how paint colors can make the difference in enjoying or feeling uncomfortable in a room. The color affects the way we see a space, it can even change our perception of a room's size and shape.

5 points to consider when choosing paint colors.

1-Natural light

Light is very important when it comes down to choosing the color for a room, you’ll need to consider which direction the room is facing and the angle in which light illuminates the room.

Color varies according to the quality and the type of natural light in a room. The same color can appear to be different from room to room at different times of the day depending in which direction the natural light is hitting. Once you picked the color it’d take a couple of days to feel how it looks with the morning light, evening and night.

2- Open areas vs close areas

It’s amazing how paint color affects the size of a room. As instance lighter and cooler colors tend to recede, make a room look bigger, this colors appear farther away. Darker colors and warmer colors advance; this colors appear to move towards us, making look a room smaller. So a close area in dark paint will look smaller.

3- Paint sheen or finishes.

Paint is not the only consideration when you want to paint your house or any other project, you also need to consider what kind of finish you will need to use in each room. The Finish will determine how vivid details appear and how easy the surface will be to clean, Here are some of our recommendations:

Kitchen: high gloss or semi-gloss finish is durable and easy to clean.

Family room: Satin finish is easy to clean and can stand up to high traffic

Bathrooms: Eggshell finish, easy to clean

Bedrooms: flat or matte finish is good for low traffic areas

4- Existing colors

keep in mind that the existing color in your walls will affect how the paint will look like. If your wall has a light backdrop the new color to apply will appear darker and if your wall has a dark backdrop the new color to apply will appear lighter.

5- Take under consideration your surrounds.

In order to pick the right color for your next project it’s crucial to look around and consider your house style, type of floors, kitchen cabinet, furniture etc. it’d definitely point you in the right direction to find the colors that’d create the Environment that you're looking for.

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