Industrial Paint.

The main reasons why we use paint in these days are for decoration, protection and sanitation among some others but with no doubt these are the most important ones, paint companies have three main line products, commercial, residential and industrial paint to meet the need of homeowners, contractors developers and architects, each of these paint brands shared the same purpose however with different characteristic to perform under different environments.

Industrial paint covers a large range of uses for different requirements and it comes in liquid & powder, What mainly definds industrial paint is the ability to protect from corrosion and its commonly use on steel and concrete, however industrial paint also has aesthetic properties most commonly appreciated in the automotive industry, thanks to its highly durability and resistance to corrosion, this paint can be used in multiple project from coating a Bridge, heavy equipment, industrial piping to metal structures. Since 2002 Construction industry, developer and architects have been taken advatage of industrial paint, most communally use in metals, aluminum and concrete however industrial paint is also use in interior project providing nice finishes for instants, Sherwin William has a pro-industrial Urethane Alkyd Enamel paint line which is a high solids, high gloss, coating intended for interior & exterior use, this paint is easy to brush, roll and spray Providing results comparable

to silicone alkyds.

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